About Claude

Claude Forthomme is a writer, economist, painter and poet. A graduate of Columbia University, Claude has dabbled in a wide variety of jobs before starting a 25 year career at the United Nations (Food and Agriculture), ending as Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia.

Using several pen names (notably Claude Nougat for her books in English), she is the author of many books, including two in Italian that won several awards in Italy. She has written seven books in English, all fiction except one essay on development aid; she is considered a prime exponent of Boomer literature.

Her latest is a novella, Decapitationfirst published in digital form in 2017 and issued as a paperback in 2019.

Her poetry has been included in “Freeze Frame“, an international poetry anthology curated by British poet Oscar Sparrow, published by Gallo Romano Media in 2012.

Claude is married and lives in Italy.

Her novels in English:

Crimson Clouds, literary fiction. Available on Amazon

Gateway to Forever, speculative science fiction. Available on Amazon here.

Luna Risinga Sicilian family saga (3 volumes) Available on Amazon. First volume, The Circle of Conversation, here.


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