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A Shameful Compromise to Unblock EU Budget

Just published a piece about the shameful compromise the EU Council has reached with Hungary and Poland in order to approve the €1.1 billion EU Budget and the Covid Recovery Fund. Here is the story.

To Unblock EU Budget: Hungary and Poland Off the Hook

Updated 11 December 2020: EU Budget effectively unblocked, Veto from Hungary and Poland is lifted, rule of law in the EU is compromised. The first to announce the news was the President of the EU Council, Charles Michel on Twitter.

It is time to consider whether countries like Hungary and Poland that flout the rule of law have any place in the European Union. And the European Council, all the European leaders starting with Merkel and Macron are sending out the wrong signal. Where did “European values” go? Disappeared in the Brexit fog? Indeed, why not have a Hungarexit and Polexit? And renegotiate their status in the Union with a new treaty similar to the one with Norway?

What follows here and was published yesterday explains what happened.

To find out what happened, read the rest on Impakter, click here.

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